it's time to fight for our hometowns.

Inflation &
rising costs

Protect us from lockdowns and open Pennsylvania for business.
Tap into our natural resources.
Reduce regulations & cut government waste.

Prices go up but paychecks and social security stay the same. We need policies that work for our residents.

Stand up for our seniors and veterans

Fight to eliminate property taxes for fixed-income seniors.
Review our government programs, effectiveness, and accessibility.
Expand mental health and job placement opportunities.

Alec doesn’t believe we should have senior’s being forced out of their homes or veterans living on the streets. He will fight hard because he believes we owe it to the generation that allowed for today’s opportunities.

Supporting local government

Remain accessible to our local leaders who understand the problems here at home.
Bridge the gap between our local municipalities and our state government.
Be a champion for our small towns.

Whether it’s blighted property, out-of-state landlords, or reckless ATV riders, as a Borough Councilman, Alec understands what issues hit close to home.

Main St.
over Wall St.

Support Main Street revitalization projects.
Unlock incentives for investing in your property.
Unlock incentives for investing in your property.

Alec wants to revitalize and restore our coal region to keep our youth local.

and Trades

Support school choice & give parents a say.
Expand vocational/technical schools and community colleges.
Build new educational opportunities with private sector partnership.

Alec is a proud product of the public education system but believes there is room for improvement. Alec is a self-taught software engineer and learned through mentors and apprenticeship. He wants schools to promote debt-free alternatives to today’s youth and believes we are going to run out of plumbers and electricians before we run out of MBA’s.

Tax reform

Fund the Homestead Exemption.
Support the elimination of property taxes.
Fight to alleviate burdens on paycheck-to-paycheck families.

In 2021, with a $150K budget surplus and $600K in federal ARPA funds, Democratic members of Plymouth Borough Council who had just won re-election requested a tax increase that would make Plymouth the second highest taxed municipality in Luzerne County behind none other than Wilke-Barre City. Alec fought this tax increase at home and in Harrisburg would fight to adopt Municipal Taxpayer Protection legislation limiting tax increases based on budget surpluses without judicial approval.

Restoring energy in our economy

Tap into our natural resources.
Support union labor.
Stop the woke DEP and policies like RGGI.

Growing up in a small Pennsylvanian town, Alec has lived in a community stripped of its energy economy. Banning natural gas would be like taking coal out of our hometowns all over again and Alec will not stand for it. He sees an opportunity for thousands of jobs that will spark the development of housing, hospitality, and industry.

Backing our law enforcement and first responders

Never defund our police or emergency services.
Be a state legislator who is present after tragedy and listen.
Review training and equipment roadblocks in our state codes.

Alec believes in safe communities with accessible life saving services. He understands our local and state law enforcement officers are the greatest assets our communities have to offer. He supports firefighters and the emergency medical staff that assist. As a Councilman, Alec has voted to expand his police department from 2 to 11 officers and distribute federal COVID dollars to his three fire departments and ambulance association.

2nd Amendment

Support constitutional carry.
Expand firearm training and education.
Honor our nation’s and state’s constitution.

Alec believes the freedom to carry is necessary to the security of a free state. He is a proud member of the NRA, endorsed by GOA, and is a lifelong sportsman. In his household, hunting is an annual tradition. The family cabin is where memories are made and firearms safety is taught.

Election integrity

Support voter ID.
Ban no-excuse mail in voting.
Expand training for election day staff.

With his background in cybersecurity and years of service as a Judge of Elections and poll worker, our community has no better choice in sending someone who is prepared to write election procedure reform. Alec has experienced firsthand the trials and tribulations of our current election day processes and would support the adoption of voter ID.

Stories from the campaign trail

School Property Taxes

Fixed income seniors across the Commonwealth have to choose between buying their medicine or paying their bills. At 74 years old, Carol had to reverse mortgage her home to pay her property taxes. On her own and working since she was 16, now taking care of her grandson, she questions what she has to show for it. These are stories from the campaign trail. Click to listen to Carol’s story.


Alec will fight for projects like Nacero that will result in $6 billion in historic economic development for Luzerne County, 4,000 union labor jobs, 450 full-time high-tech, high-paying jobs, and the infrastructure to support these opportunities such as housing, recreation, and hospitality.

Our Campaign

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